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This video is about Sex Dolls and the Best Sex Toys Alternatives.

If you’d like a sex doll but think it may be too expensive, too big, or too hard to hide, this video will show you some great alternatives.

We show you sex doll options ranging from cheap sex dolls to more expensive sex dolls with big boobs.

Sex dolls are the most lifelike sex toys and are the closest thing to having sex with a real woman or man.

Sex dolls typically have 3 orifices you can have sex with, a mouth hole, a vagina hole, and a butt hole.

These sex holes are about 6 to 7 inches deep. You can also get dolls with removable vaginas, so they can be replaced if you wear them out, and they’re also easier to clean.

So you can get a cheap sex doll but at that price, they’re probably going to be short, like around 140 cm. That’s about 4’ 6”.

Sex dolls are expensive, not very discreet & pretty heavy, especially the ones with big boobs and butts.

The next best things to sex dolls for way less money are body parts sex toys. These are smaller, cheaper sex toys that are lighter and more discreet than sex dolls.

They have a much more realistic sexual experience than a Fleshlight or pocket pussy and are better than your hand.

These cheap sex doll torso alternatives come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Many online stores show pictures of the toys, but not in relation to the actual size.

The Lucidtoys collection of soft sex toys has a mini chunk of a sex doll that has the most important holes. It’s made of soft TPE and you use water-based lube to the glory holes for you to have sex with.

It has a vagina and butt hole. Unlike a pocket pussy, you don’t have to manually jerk it up and down on your penis. You can put it on a bed, couch, floor, stool, car hood, or whatever and have sex like it’s a real girl.

It’s small enough, so you can put it in a backpack and take it anywhere you want to masturbate.

This vagina butt hole portion of a sex doll costs a little more than a good pocket pussy, so not too bad for such pleasure.

The Lucidtoys collection sex toy is a life-sized and very realistic big butt made of TPE. It also has a very lifelike jiggle to it.

It’s nice and big, but still a lot smaller than a sex doll.

The sex toy is the best alternative to a sex doll because it not only has a butt hole and vagina, it also has boobs!

The big boobs are very cool. They’re not massive boobs, but they’re pretty perky and realistic.

This sex doll piece is made of soft TPE & Silicon.

The great thing about this slick sex toy is that it’s like a compact sex doll that’s small enough to hide under the bed.

You can masturbate with it in a missionary position and doggy style. Both ways, you can feel the boobs as you have sex with them.

The best tip when buying a sex doll part (sex toy) is to go by the weight of the toy as an indicator of how big it is.

The top best sex doll of 2022 include TPE and Silicone love dolls.

Listed Below:
TPE Dolls:
1. Neojoy Big Butt Ashanti

2. Neojoy Girlfriend Range Kira

3. Neojoy Girlfriend Aileen

4. Neodoll Girlfriend Zahra

5. Neojoy Girlfriend Mikayla

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