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Can Opioids Cause Erection Problems?

Having a reliably set up penis is very vital to a lot of men. Some research studies indicate that use opioids can raise the danger of erectile disorder as well as low libido.

Masturbation As a Stress Management Strategy

With so much stress in the world, tension levels are even greater than usual. Some guys find that masturbation can be one way to help alleviate stress.

Vitamin E Oil on the Penis: What Can It Do for You?

Just how vital is vitamin E oil on the penis? It’s a critical anti-oxidant that should not be neglected in regular penis care. Below’s every little thing you require to recognize.

Premature Ejaculation: Why It Happens and How to Stop It

Premature climaxing is an embarrassing and difficult trouble, and services are not constantly basic. This article explores this usual climaxing issue and outlines some approaches for conquering it.

Women’s Preferred Penis Size: It’s About More Than Just Inches

Penis dimension can be a sensitive subject for males. It’s difficult to recognize what females like, and also if it also matters to them. Below’s everything you require to know regarding how females review a male’s penis.

Penis Health Worries: What to Do If There’s Blood in the Urine

Blood in the pee can be a considerable factor for issue, yet it is not always an indication of an unsafe condition. A few of the most typical factors a guy might see blood in his urine are discussed below, in addition to their implications for penis health and wellness.

Penis Pain and Swelling: Could It Be Epididymitis?

Epididymitis is an inflammatory problem that can create penis discomfort, swelling, and other unpleasant signs. Take charge of your penis health and wellness by finding out to recognize the indications of this uneasy problem.

Pain During Sex: How to Help When Your Partner Has Endometriosis

The majority of often when a man concentrates on penis problems, he’s taking a look at means to treat a persistent penis smell or to “repair” an unwilling erection or to discover what that undesirable looking development truly is. However in some cases penis problems can include one’s female companion(s) instead. For instance, it’s a problem for an individual’s penis if his partner has pain throughout sex due to endometriosis.

Penis Health Benefits of Exercise: Yes, Working Out Does Make a Difference

Often testosterone levels can have an influence on an otherwise healthy penis. In many cases, correct exercise can assist to boost flagging testosterone levels in a guy.

Unpleasant Penis Odor? Trichobacteriosis May Be the Cause

Summertime can make penis smell aggravate, but trichobacteriosis is a penis smell element that is sadly come across all the time. Take actions to maintain this trouble at bay.

Can’t Cum During Sex? 3 Steps To Cure “Retarded Ejaculation” For Good – “Grip Of Death” Cure For Men

With the surge of Net porn, social networks and also all the stresses of life – erectile disorder (like Excessive weight) has actually become an epidemic. Whilst a lot of women don’t truly care if their male has issues (a lot of which are completely mental) – it can be a harrowing experience for your “member” to not work, particularly when you’re trying to be intimate. Fortunately is that if you’re dealing with “retarded”/ “postponed” ejaculation – there’s a very easy way to heal it for excellent.

Big Penis Problems: Too Much of a Good Thing?

Penis dimension is an issue for lots of men – but many do not whine regarding having a too-big penis. Nonetheless, a big man can have infiltration concerns which need treatment.

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